Before I was four, I was back living with my grandparents.  They owned a home in La Mesa on Skyline Drive.  We lived on a corner, with a huge tall yellow war siren.  There were weekly siren tests that used to make me cry so bad, that one time I took my turtle Charlie, and my mud pies and went and got into my bed.  My aunts were babysitting and they didn’t know what to do with all the mud.

Oh, btw, I don’t think Charlie ran away, like I was told.  I’ll never believe that.

This house was unique.  It had a step-down family room and that didn’t work too well with my tv tray on wheels that I was using as a shopping cart.  I would play shop around the house and then I guess grandma would put all the stuff back, because I don’t remember that part. haha.