There was a very mean dentist on El Cajon Blvd that we could take the bus to. In my opinion, he NEVER should have treated children.

After my adult front tooth grew in cracked, with the bottom half missing (disintegrated inside the gum) I was abruptly told “that isn’t possible” multiple times.  I felt like saying “ok. then I’m a liar.” LOL

I think I was eight when I had my first root canal.  Looking at it on film now you can see what a botched job it was.  All of my other root canal’s are pristine..  the front tooth root canal looks like he just dug a bunch of tissue out of it and filled it in with filing material.

The root canal procedure was very painful and I cried while the dentist yelled at me to shut up and told me it didn’t hurt, through the whole thing.

Less than one week later, my face swelled up, around my nose, and I had a huge abscess where this root canal had been done.  My grandma took me to an oral surgeon, on the bus, and they cut open my mouth to remove gauze that had been left in the bottom of my root canal area.

After this horrible experience, I no longer had to go see Nazi dentist..  we found a wonderful new dentist, Michael Mahaffey, near Grandma’s house, in Linda Vista.  I saw Dr. Mahaffey for 14 years, until I moved away from San Diego.  One time, when I was supposed to be preparing for my senior pictures, he asked me about them and I told him there was no way I was taking them with the way my front tooth looked. It had been filled to resemble a real tooth but it was two different colors.

To my surprise, and out of his own pocket, before we finished my filling that day, he bonded the tooth, so it was all one color and I could schedule my senior photos.  He was *that* kind of man and I appreciated him.

After I left San Diego, I saw two other dentists. One in Florida and one in South Carolina.  I was very nervous and anxious and dentistry and I were not getting along real well. I had heard of people being sedated or given sedation type medication but when I asked I was always told no.  The front office would remind me to bring a driver when I was on *that* medication the doctor said I couldn’t have, though. That was disturbing.

So, I stopped going to the dentist for about one year.  And I cracked a back molar, on a simple piece of soft cereal.  Off to the office I went, with this emergency, to see the first available dentist.  That was the day I met Jason.  We are dental partners. He takes very good care of me.