secret inspiration

I’ve found my voice to write again

This is how I feel..


Hear and watch Jamie Lucas Scott sing this.. its adorable

Here’s the full version.. I’m into the ending, cuz I’m not anyone’s son.. :)

When I turned 16 – “Just Can’t fight this feeling any longer”

Being 16 is an interesting age.  I invited three people to my house.  Jenny and her bf and Anthony Patton.  I wanted a cozy couple type environment. I was blessed and happy that Anthony showed up.  But, Anthony never wanted more than to be my friend.  Poor guy put in the middle of this uncomfortable situation.  I have a pic of him sitting on the floor below the stereo. I just stood around with no where to be. Very awkward just leaving 15 years old, the day before.


He showed up.  It meant everything to me.  He is my friend, still, today.  I’m forever happy about this.


I love you, still. Just differently.  I bought that 45 just for you..  and now you know.