For the first ten years of my life, I lived on a mint flavored antibiotic for bladder, urinary tract infections.  I had many kidney problems and when I didn’t have an infection, I had to take maintenance levels of this horrible mint flavored medication.  I only had to take it once a day when I didn’t have an infection, but until I was 21, every urinary analysis returned positive.

This horrible mint flavor has interrupted any enjoyment I’d have with gums or tooth paste.  Tooth paste is the worst.  Most mints make me gag.

When I was pregnant, with all three children, I had to take multiple blood sugar tests.  The orange flavored carbonated sweet drink they make you drink, is enough to make me want to throw up, even if I can’t do it.  Its just that gross to me.  It has ruined me for orange soda and orange slurpee’s.  Small sacrifice.